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Being picky about pickles,  The founder of The Original Pennsylvania Pickle Company, has always kept a few jars of her homemade recipes handy to cure any possible pickle cravings that she may have.  Quickly, friends and family began to share her enthusiasm about these pickles and encouraged her to impart these creations to fill the demands of the public.  In 2004 she set out to fulfill her requests by introducing 5 flavors of Dynamite Dill pickles to the market place.   One flavor of dill pickles simply was not enough, for she needed to have the perfect accompaniment to any meal.  Learn what a good pickle is, and taste the difference.

One, if not all of these flavors, will surely be your new “favorite pickle.  Try a “Dynamite Dill” pickle and you will know the difference between a quality product and the mediocre products that have flooded the market.  Pickles are a distinctly memorable condiment and we intend for ours to be unforgettable.  No detail is overlooked. 


The Original Pennsylvania Pickle Company defines perfection one jar at a time. Our family recipes are made with the same “Lots of Love” and care today as they have been for centuries prior.   We continue to bring unique, high quality pickle products to the marketplace.  “Dynamite Dill” pickles remain “All-Natural” and handmade, using only the best ingredient, fresh spices, whole cloves of garlic, and Kirby pickling cucumbers.


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"The new pickle."

— Postprandial Magazine